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WHIMZEES dental chews clean teeth, freshen breath and reduce tartar & plaque. Treat your pup to one chew a day to fight bacteria and promote overall health!

WHIMZEES’ unique shapes help ensure proper blood flow through the gums and helps to prevent plaque, tartar and bad breath. The carefully chosen ingredients and patented high tech production process of WHIMZEES deliver a firmer dental chew. This firmer texture promotes a longer chew time for increased cleaning time as well as naturally helping to polish the dog’s teeth while chewing.

Scientifically Proven

Daily use of WHIMZEES® can improve your dog’s dental health.

1X DAILY: Fighting bacteria every day + promotes overall health

CLEANS 2X BETTER: WHIMZEES® reduces more plaque than the leading chew*

LASTS 3X LONGER: WHIMZEES® offer more cleaning time than the leading chew

6 primary natural ingredients

WHIMZEES has limited natural, functional ingredients and no artificial ingredients, colours, flavours, preservatives, GMOs, gluten, or meat. They’re also high in fibre, highly digestible and low in calories and sugars making them perfect to be fed on a daily basis. Because just like us humans, a dog’s teeth should be cared for every day.



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